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Developing Industrial and Commercial Solutions


To be recognized as a leader in Technology solutions.

As a company we are focused on providing technology driven solutions to our clients to solve the most difficult challenges. We provide services in the area of machine design, fabrication, programming and electrical design for bio-pharma, medical devices and other industries.

Luxury Car Wheel


We Deliver Exceptional  Engineering 

Mechanical Design / Fabrication

Let us help you providing Mechanical design for your project. We offer design and fabrication services aimed at finding the proper solution for your mechanical system.

Laser Cutting
Fixing Electricity Lines

Electrical / Automation


From panel design to construction. We offer services to develop electrical schematics and systems. From electrical design to Automation and controls we can offer the complete package.

Machine Vision & Controls Applications

We specialize in the development of machine vision applications targeted to applications like defect detection, measurment, sorting, etc..

Along with machine vision we specialize in the development of HMI, SCADA and controls applications using industry platforms.

Drone Lens


A different approach, using technology to define new solutions

Our edge is our values. Trust, Ingenuity, Honesty and Respect are at the core of our organization. We provide solutions based on engineering principles and our experience. 


We have the experience and knowledge working with different types of industry class robots. SCARA to 6 degrees of freedom, we can develop your next robot application.


Systems Integrator

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